PTS Logistics Ltd operates a fleet of trucks across New Zealand that can transport your machinery, container, truck or tractor anywhere from Cape Reinga to the Bluff. We specialise in the transportation of new and used tractors, farm and general machinery although no matter what type of vehicle you have to move we can usually find a solution.  We can also transport your extra heavy digger or dozer up to 70 tonne in weight.

Here at PTS Logistics we operate three main types of trailer to ensure maximum utilization of our fleet. The degree of flexibility also provides solutions to cater for most requirements. Often a combination of trailers of say half a curtainsider and half a low loader trailer allows us to transport smaller bulk cargo with machinery on the rear trailer. Here are some examples of our fleet.

Low loaders:
These are the workhorses of the fleet. There are a number of configurations available for our dispatches to choose from ranging from step deck, ‘B’ train, widener (vary-width) and flat deck quads. These variations give the flexibility to enable us to carry a great variety of loads up to 70tonne.
trailers 002 

These are covered-in trailers with flexible sides which allows loading from the either side. They come in either ‘B’ train configuration or truck and trailer set. These are mainly used for carrying bulk general cargo.      
Swinglift trailer:
These are used specifically for loading and unloading 20’ and 40’ containers although often used to transport containers to customers premises to unload and retrieve at a later date. 
trailers 001 

Skeletal trailer:
Used mainly to transport heavier containers and work in conjunction with the swinglift to load and unload. 
 skelly trailer 001

The Workshop
Palmerston North is the location of our main workshop which provides a wide variety of mechanical and engineering services for the fleet. All vehicles are regularly serviced, and combined with a sound preventative maintenance programme, ensure minimal truck time off the road.
In addition to these services PTS Logistics provides a platform for young apprentices to begin their careers or continue with further education. In this way we provide a continuation of experienced mechanics or engineers trained in the maintenance of heavy vehicles either with PTS Logistics or in the greater community.       
With our fleet of trucks working across the country it is essential communication be immediate and reliable. All of our trucks are fitted with truck phones, complete with GPS communications, ensuring we can provide customers with real time updates on vehicles and update our drivers on their allocated freight immediately. This track and trace capability enables our customers to track their own cargo directly through a web portal linked to our despatch system. Customers are also able to electronically load their vehicle transport jobs directly via this web module and will soon be able to pay directly all at the same time. 
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